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Watch me earn you. Watch me love you. I want to be with you. Luke Oh my god, I am such a dick, but I just met this girl, and I'm already totally whipped for that sweet sweet- oh shit, a problem. Let me deal with that now, and hope she sticks around. Oh my god, I am a doctor, but not just any doctor. I am worth billions but I am alone. I met her and I knew the walls I built around my heart would fall apart. She’s incredible, so what’s the problem? Well I have to earn her love, I hope she sticks around. Imani Ugh, guy is such a dick. I doubt he'll ever change for me, but I'm still hopeful because oh my god have you dated in the 21st century? Shit's a fucking nightmare. Oh god, and now there's more trouble. Great. Ugh, Dr. Luke is incredible. He is handsome and sought after by women. I met him at a masked ball, don’t ask but let just say I had no idea he would become my boss! Yes you heard right, but now i have a problem. He’s engaged and as crazy as this sounds, I am having his heir! Talk about drama right? Great! What can I do to fix this now? Time is ticking Watch me earn you is a binge worthy romance suspense read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
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