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Vintage fashion is having a moment. Selling vintage T-shirts online is your opportunity to profit from this trend by creating a fun and sustainable side hustle. Setting up a vintage tee resale business can be highly lucrative, but if you’re going to compete with seasoned ecommerce sellers, you need to know what you’re doing. Vintage Fashion: A Quick and Easy Guide to Identifying, Sourcing, and Selling Vintage T-Shirts Online will teach you everything you need to know. In this book, you’ll learn: ● What to look for in vintage T-shirts, including how to identify fakes and retro tees ● Where to source your vintage tees ● The best practices for crafting the perfect listings ● How to take photographs of your clothing ● Where to set up an online store ● How to price your tees (with photos of real examples) ● All about the selling and shipping process ● How to provide great customer service to receive positive reviews ● And much more! Read this book before you do anything else! It will help you know what to expect, avoid common mistakes, and, most importantly, maximize your profits.
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