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Amanda Northrup has been putting her life on hold for six lonely years, but Air Force Sergeant Jeff Frisco is determined to win her back. Will she ever feel like she can trust him enough to reveal the devastating secrets that are preventing her from moving forward? Traveling to Crystal Rock, Wisconsin for her brother’s wedding, Amanda Northrup is desperately trying to escape her past. Although Amanda is doing her best to turn people away, she finds an unexpected ally in Christine Cameron, the Air Force Captain who’s marrying her brother, Jeremy. Sergeant Jeffrey Frisco is in Crystal Rock to attend Captain Jeremy Northrup’s wedding, since Jeremy is also his friend as well as his commanding officer. But when Jeff sees Amanda again, he realizes he’s never stopped loving her. The problem is, can she ever forgive him for not realizing that something tragic had happened when they’d been dating in high school, which had created the rift that had caused him to break up with her before he’d enlisted in the Air Force? They decide on a truce. At least for now, since all they seem to do is argue with one another whenever they run into each other. And now Jeff has his own issues to deal with. Instead of prosecuting Major Brian Darnell, who’d been injured the previous year after their units had been suspiciously targeted by insurgents while traveling through Iraq, Darnell had been released and allowed to collect his retirement benefits. Would Darnell seek revenge, since Jeff was certain he was a traitor? But when Jeff realizes that Amanda too might be in danger, he delves deeply into the past, and what he sees there concerns him deeply. How could he have missed the signs? Will Amanda ever feel like she can trust Jeff enough to reveal the devastating secrets that are preventing her from moving forward? Despite their serious subject matter, the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior stories are all about hope, with happily-ever-after endings. This #1 bestselling series has won over 30 combined awards, including 2 BRONZE (2018, 2016), 2 SILVER (2018, 2016), and 4 GOLD (2021, 2020, 2018) MEDALS at Readers's Favorite.
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