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As featured on esteemed news sites such as FOX, NBC, ABC and Boston Herald The serial killer known as the Chemist is incarcerated, awaiting his upcoming trial. But to Green Bay detective Cale Van Waring, the case is far from over. Two female victims remain missing, and time is running out. A tip pointing to international human traffickers is Cale’s only lead, and it poses an immediate problem: the ring is based in Central Europe. Making matters worse, Cale learns that his fiancée, Maggie, is pregnant—perhaps at the hands of the man who had kidnapped and raped her. Yet keeping his promise to his victim’s families, thus begins Cale’s weeklong odyssey. Aided by CIA contacts, Interpol, and trained mercenaries, his search takes him down dark alleys in Rome and Brussels, and through steamy jungles in Liberia, Africa. Professional hit men, sadistic soldiers, perverts, and even a voodoo witch doctor—they all attempt to thwart the determined detective. Despite these setbacks, Cale remains steadfast at seeing the case through. But he’d better do so quickly. With Maggie’s pregnancy verified, he knows he must get back home to get things right between them. And further standing in his path, two facts seem absolute: when it comes to human traffickers, they play by their own rules; and the clock on the lives of his innocent victims is ticking.
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