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The Awakening Tetralogy - Book 2 The Spirit Guide is a book examining our spiritual journey and the spiritual awakening process as we Awaken and seek answers on our spiritual journey to enlightenment What is the Meaning of Life? Why am I here? These are the questions that have been asked for millennia and have haunted millions of people over many lifetimes. A young girl named Amara is no different. As she navigates through childhood, Amara finds herself questioning her purpose, which leads her on a Spiritual Journey of Awakening and Enlightenment, narrated through the eyes of her Spirit Guide, Bodhi. Join Bodhi on this fascinating adventure as he explains how he helped Amara Awaken and reconnect with him, as well as what the life of an accompanying Spirit Guide is like. Use Amara’s story to find guidance, purpose, and meaning in a world that often looks only to the World (Ego) for answers. The Spirit Guide: Journey through Life is the second book in The Awakening Tetralogy, spiritual awakening books focusing on the spiritual awakening experiences of a child and their Spirit Guide on their journey through life. You will discover many answers in this book on finding the path to spiritual enlightenment.
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