Free Free
Chigear Nolte, or ‘the Lust Manager’ as the story portrays him; a simple man who had ordinary ambitions, who could make all your lusts come true. He dreamt of what every human being dreamt of; freedom, love and happiness. Despite having money, fame and fortune, Chigear’s life was one where he wanted more out of. It was Chigear’s bad omen to be born in the Party’s presence. The Party saved no one but themselves, rewarding those who kept silent and punishing those who dared to speak. Chigear was subjected to a life of torture, hurt and destruction by default. The hardships that followed were too much for him to bear. Bloodshed and helpless victims were around every corner in the country of Bashuca, where the Party resided. It was in Chigear’s best interests to do something about it. Yet, that single mistake cost Chigear everything. Travel Chigear’s journey with Yujian Zhang. His vision for this book is to vocalize the idea of capitalism, absurdity, stupidity and antagonism behind the rich curtains of the technocratic government. Zhang writes this book with the belief of connecting with his people in his home country as well as to raise awareness around the topic of communism and socialism in a new era of technology and national capitalism all around the world. According to the author, this book is not simply an insight to the torture inflicted on the unfortunate victims. The revelation behind the story is a clear dedication to those who fought, gave their lives in wars to maintain peace and struggled to preserve liberty. Zhang aims to honor those who made the world a better place and to connect history with the newer generation of the world with the hope that they learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and peers. Yujian Zhang wills to fight against communism and totalitarian power in his own way and believes that this book can be a way of doing so.
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