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Excuse me please, Stop stressing, in spite of what you have been going through:- "The Lord is with you"You may have lost your job, a loved one, your finances, your health, whatever you have lost, this is just a season it’s not permanent, and the Lord knows what you have been going through and he will see you out of that dark season. He will take you into another season, a good season, a season of joy, peace and prosperity. How can this be? You ask after all I have been through? Yes after all you have been through, trust him, and walk by faith and you will see a new season unfold. Sometimes in life things happen, we find ourselves going through dark seasons, we never anticipated, dark seasons we never thought would befall us, dark seasons where everything seems to crumble, dark seasons where fear, anxiety, loss, pain, grief, heartache, bankruptcy, betrayal, sickness, depression come knocking. Overwhelmed we wonder, Why is this happening, Why me? Why now? Why us? Why all this? When will I be out of this storm, how long will these last? God where are you? God will you answer my prayers, , God why are you silent? In the midst of all these questions in the crisis, in the storm, in the dark season there is an answer. And the answer is The Lord is with you, he knows what you aregoing through, he will walk with you and give you victory.CONTENTSChapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 Life and its SeasonsChapter 3 Don’t Give UpChapter 4 God knows where you areChapter 5 The Lord is with youChapter 6 Don’t hide your whyChapter 7 Let go of your limitationsChapter 8 Worship in our dark seasonChapter 9 Destroying our IdolsChapter 10 When Doubt KnocksChapter 11 Let go of fear, trust God Chapter 12 Get Motivated by the GossipChapter 13 Your Victory is at Hand
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