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Looking for feel good books that celebrate all the ways to enjoy your life? Designed for three minute daily reading, the Cosmic Playbook is full of mind-candy mini meditations - packed with powerful Universal connection and sprinkled with a little magic. You'll receive examples of affirmations that can can read as a daily motivational tool. Filled with inspiration and designed to elevate your emotions, this collection will soothe you and remind you of the power you carry within to manifest your desires. The Cosmic Playbook also includes: Clearing & Energizing Affirmations for Money and Abundance. Affirmations and intentions that empower you to release old money stories so you can welcome in fresh prosperity! Created by manifesting and mindfulness author P.K. Davies from Joyful Life Mastery. Cuddle up with this little Playbook and feel hope and your fearless spirit take root once again! Created as a companion to The Law of Attraction Game Book, THE COSMIC PLAYBOOK will comfort and inspire you with a unique blend of mini meditations and expanded affirmations. Grab your copy today!
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