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Since the 1920s, the artists’ café has been a legendary, fascinating meeting place. But where can we find something comparable today? Where can we meet other artists? The answer is: online. Damian, a budding writer, has founded a virtual artists’ café, where he meets the emerging poet Johannes and the beginning painter Natascha. Via screens in their apartments, the three artists discuss their progress and self-doubts and, over time, grow closer and closer despite their idiosyncratic personalities. One day, they decide to deepen their digital connection and arrange to meet in person. But is the actual artists’ café really better than the virtual one? A story about online and offline friendship, the importance of one's past, and life as a creative in today's world. "Highly original and absorbing"- Peter "I haven't read a book so fast in a long time. Huge recommendation!" - readingitclassy "Addictive from beginning to end, let yourself get lost in this story of art, self discovery and pursuit of purpose." - Ed
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