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Personal Growth To Help Men Take Their Lives To New Heights! Have you ever said to yourself…if only I knew then what I know now? These are the worst nine words to hear yourself say. The rub of life is that wisdom often comes too late, but what if it didn’t have to…what if you could know now, what you will wish you had known twenty years from now? Imagine the difference it would have in the decisions you make, the life you live, the rewards you receive. What if you could avoid the most painful of all mistakes…inaction? There’s no one answer to this question because it is only limited by your imagination. However, one thing is clear, the results would be earth shattering. It could change your entire life forever…your career, your options, even the very person you marry. It would open the doors to your wildest dreams. The seemingly impossible would become ridiculously easy. Those out of reach opportunities would suddenly come jumping into your hands. It would be a literal cheat code to life. THE CHEAT CODE is just that…the information you need TODAY when you can actually make use of it. You’ve watched other men get what they want out of life…money, respect, power, women, opportunity, and contentment. You simply chalk it up to the cards that life hands you…that some guys just have it and some guys don’t - and you don’t. That’s what you’ve been led to believe. Even worse, some guys believe that there is something wrong with them…that they don’t deserve these things. It’s a painful self-fulfilling prophecy that affects many men and it’s NOT EVEN TRUE! While some guys are born with good looks, trust funds, and all the connections they need to walk around the world like it’s a candy store, you don’t need to be left out in the cold. Most of what counts in this world can be learned, developed, and honed into a set of simple skills. Most men will go to their graves without these skills, but instead, with a pile of regrets. You can avoid that end…you SHOULD avoid that end…you SHOULD be everything you can and want to be in this life. You need THE CHEAT CODE…you need the information that will take you farther than any college classroom or spiritual seminar could ever get you. Written in plain English, this five-book series condenses twenty years of life lessons into five specific areas of self-improvement that will change your life forever! From charming your way to what you want, to attracting beautiful women, to commanding respect, this series is the real deal. No magic tricks here, no cheesy gimmicks…just pure wisdom. The best part is that any guy can do this. Any man who is willing to learn the concepts and take action, can take their life from lackluster to amazing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bald, poor, overweight, a failure, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. You determine your value, you determine the respect you get, you determine the money you make. The icing on the cake, is that you will put forth far less effort and get maximum results. The information in the CHEAT CODE is the wisdom you could only gain through twenty years of life experience. Taken with an open heart and mind, and applied to your life with discipline and patience, the results are shocking. This book was written for good men who want to be great and have no idea how to get started. All the bad advice they’ve been spoon fed has led them nowhere and to nothing, and they’re ready for something extremely different. Get THE CHEAT CODE and up your wisdom, so you can get what you want out of life. Don’t wait twenty years to figure out what you should have done differently. Start doing things differently today, so you can have the life you want…the life you deserve. This powerful book series will teach you everything you need to know to take your life from average to amazing. All it takes to get what you want is an open mind, will, desire, and the roadmap. The Cheat Code is the roadmap.
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