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Are you a business owner, CEO or entrepreneur who knows working with a business coach could help take your business to the next level? Do you feel you are working for your business and the business isn’t working for you? Do you find you are missing out making your business procedures repeatable and scalable? If so, you aren’t alone. Research shows that 50% businesses fail in the first 5 years and 70% in 10 years. One may have an unconscious bias, where you fear your employees will believe you are working with a business coach to fix your flaws. You may have your own doubts about the difference in working with a consultant versus working with a business coach. Whether your idea to work with a business coach comes from reading about successful other CEOs or you’ve wanted to work on your business procedures and simplify life for you and your employees, The Business That Runs on Its Own will propel you to achieve the full potential for your business, discover world-class best practices and have someone who bets on your success and who keeps you accountable to you so you are committed to your own learning and development. Inside, you’ll find 21 solutions for business improvement, where you’ll learn how successful business owners have overcome questions such as What will my employees think if I have a business coach? What if I hire a consultant instead of a business coach? What if I’m overwhelmed carrying out strategies for business growth? What if my team disagrees with the changes I bring forward? What if I’m unable to spend time working on the business? and more Suresh Iyengar is a profitability coach who collaborates with CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and business owners to uncover hidden profits and create new wealth from private profitability coaching. After spending nearly two decades in multi-million dollar companies, Suresh knows exactly what drives business growth, profits and sales––and it’s not abstract ideas. It’s how you craft your detailed plan and carry it out, quickly building loyal fans for your goods and services. Suresh has written over 100 blog articles and published 12 Amazon eBooks on business growth. Don’t forget to set up your free 25-minute ‘Explosive Business Results’ phone call at https://bit.ly/business-unit-execution and download your free eBook for Avoiding Big 5 Mistakes in Business Growth at https://bit.ly/profitability-coach-houston
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