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The Bloodbath Ritual begins a thriller series like nothing else in its genre! The Alex Hollick FBI Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality, and survival. This exciting, gripping, and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, romance, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric story. What readers are saying about The Alex Hollick FBI Series! “Refreshingly original.” “A great story, will keep you glued to your kindle for hours.” “Smooth but gritty, intellectual and sexy...great read.” “The story was intense and gripping and the character development was amazing.” “Brings something new and fresh to the table.” Extended Description Alex Hollick is a clean-cut robbery division agent in Los Angeles, paying his dues, putting in his time, but his steady climb up the FBI ladder is about to take a major detour. Half of his team is killed in an unauthorized sting operation. The situation worsens when Hollick learns of the internal corruption that helped shape the deadly event. At the order of his trusted mentor, John Novak, Hollick travels to Virginia, unknowingly as a suspect. A CIA torture team lies in wait, planning to kidnap Hollick and squeeze the truth out of him. After a torturous, drug-induced series of mind games, Hollick is released to Jordan Clay; head of a clandestine group burrowed deep within the FBI. His orders are simple - Bury the truth about the SOCAL robberies… But things become more complicated from the moment the cover-up begins. Blood spills in all directions as Hollick and Novak attempt to hide the truth. Arson leads to a cop killing in the Mojave Desert. An ambitious Internal Affairs Agent is on to the corruption, and two-million dollars in missing robbery money sits in the lap of a beautiful, but troubled young widow. As the danger escalates, Hollick concocts a seemingly perfect plan to protect the woman of his dreams, Agent Jennifer Fletcher. Back in Washington, Clay has big plans for Hollick. A career in homicide waits, investigating religious crime at the height of the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s. Feeling confident that his plan has worked, Hollick begins his first case, The Halloween Murders - A double-homicide marked by a satanic signature. Hollick soon realizes that his prime suspect is a scared eyewitness and that the true killers are sabotaging his investigation. While Hollick struggles to close in on the killers, John Novak has made some plans of his own, to find and destroy the one piece of evidence keeping Jennifer Fletcher alive. The Complete Series Now Available! BOOK ONE: THE BLOODBATH RITUAL BOOK TWO: ROTTEN WAS THE HARVEST BOOK THREE: AS EMPIRES FALL BOOK FOUR: MALICE AND MACABRE BOOK FIVE: THE FINAL EMBRACE Are you looking for a unique, original, pulse-pounding thriller series? Download a sample or buy The Bloodbath Ritual today!
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