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He’s sure they’re too different, but she’s about to show him how fun opposites can be.Sawyer didn’t make the best first impression when he was introduced to Kelsea. She’s cute and funny, but he figured it didn’t matter. Running an empire kept him too busy for a relationship.With Kelsea’s event planning business booming, it was only a matter of time before she bumped into Sawyer. They don’t know each other well, but when he begs her to bid on him in the charity bachelor auction to help him avoid the other women who have their eye on him, she agrees.He releases Kelsea from any obligation to go on their date, but she insists he show her a good time. Sawyer is up for the challenge, but what he wasn’t ready for was how fast a woman like her could steal his heart.Nothing ever comes easy and when reminded that they live in two very different worlds, Kelsea and Sawyer have to decide if together, they have what it takes.
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