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Uncover The Value Of Forgiveness & Carve Your Path Towards Healing! Need to learn how to move on after a breakup or a betrayal? Looking for a practical guide to help you work on your past traumas and make genuine forgiveness possible? Want to train yourself to release negative emotions and forgive people who have wronged you? Now You Can! Introducing The "Power of Forgiveness: Practicing Self Forgiveness" By Kurt Gassner - An Inspirational Book To Overcome Past Traumas! It's pretty impossible to get through this life and not get hurt by someone or hurt someone yourself. But filling your heart with grudges, anger, and bitterness will only make your days more miserable, holding you trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and trauma. Drawing inspiration from his inner healing process and his journey of evolving from a seasoned entrepreneur to a Hypnotherapist and Meditation and Yoga teacher, Kurt Gassner, the author of this book on forgiveness, seeks to help you realize the blessings of forgiving yourself and others. Writing in a simple-to-follow yet exciting language, his goal is to encourage you to learn how to implement forgiveness into your life to bring peace into your soul. By the end of this comprehensive 15-chapter motivational book, you will be able to: ✅ Understand How Forgiveness Connects To Healing ✅ Identify The Relationship Between The Perpetrator, The Victim & The Helper ✅ Set Yourself Free From The Vicious Circle Of Negativity ✅ Introduce Yourself To Self-Forgiveness & Learn How To Forgive People Around You Including Your Family, Friends, Lovers And That's Not All! Through his inspirational and thought-provoking guide, the author approaches forgiveness as a skill, helping you get better at it over time and reap its benefits as you enjoy a happy life free from pain and past wounds. Don't Hesitate! Scroll Up, Click "Buy Now" & Get Your Copy Today! Kurt Friedrich Gassner is an award-winning Austrian author, entrepreneur, and visionary whose books are a direct result of countless hours of studying meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, and psychology. He has also spent the span of forty years in global advertising, brand consulting, and founding lucrative brands like trendguide and now My-Mindguide. Leveraging his multifaceted background, first-hand experiences, and lessons learned, he is on a mission to empower his readers’ unconscious minds so they can achieve what they once thought as unattainable
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