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Are you a first-time dog owner? Want to raise a healthy, well-behaved pup? Then you need to keep reading …You just got your new dog!You have the cute doggie bed, the latest toys, and a month’s supply of delicious kibble. But … now that she’s here, your mind is whirling! Where does she sleep? Where does she pee? Why is she biting us?Don’t panic! All the answers are at your fingertips!Being a first-time puppy parent is not an easy job but it can be a smooth experience once you learn the essential tips and tricks for successfully raising your new dog.You don’t want to have a pup that pees all over the house and chews up your shoes everyday!Raising a new pup can be incredibly challenging! Studies show that 61% of first-time dog owners report that their dog struggles with some sort of behavioral issue.But don’t worry! With reliable strategies based on expert research, you can be a confident pup parent and you won’t have to worry about chewed-up socks and stepping in pee puddles all over the house!In Teach, Train, Play: The Ultimate 7 Step Survival Guide For First Time Dog Owners, you will discover:How to successfully prepare your home for your new family memberThe best secrets for potty training success without going insane!To Crate or not to Crate How to address chewing and biting before it gets out of hand!Walking on a leash, developing food manners, and socializing like a champ!Must know obedience commandsHow to create a thriving environment for your new pupAnd much more!Even if you have never owned a dog before, you can become a capable, content new pup parent and raise a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog!So if you want to ensure you don’t raise a destructive, out-of-control, furry monster, then click the buy now button with one click to get your book instantly!
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