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“Spiritual Reflections:A Book About Awakening and Enlightenment” is a book of poetry, consisting of 200 Spiritual free verse poems. These poems include the reflections seen in the four spiritual novels in “The Awakening Tetralogy”, in addition to many others not yet published. The underlying theme of these poems is Spirituality, each illustrating different aspects of both the Awakening and Enlightenment process. They are not religious, rather they are daily spiritual reflections about spiritual enlightenment. Spirituality is the belief there is a piece of God (a Spirit or Soul) within every life and, because of this, each life is Important, Equal, and Connected. My goal writing both the four books in The Awakening Tetralogy and this book of poetry, was to try to Awaken and help others, who are Awakened, more fully understand what Enlightenment is, so their Journey Through Life may be more fully realized. Bodhi is my “Spirit Guide”; he is able to easily communicate with me as I write down his thoughts. Though my journey towards Enlightenment is not yet complete, Bodhi, being a Spirit Guide, most certainly is Enlightened. We wrote this book of Spiritual Reflections together for all those seeking to begin the Awakening process or who have Awoken and seek to venture further on their path towards Enlightenment.
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