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Sanctum: Sands of Setesh by C.S. Kading


When they left Avalon, it was in search of adventure.
Now Reynard is dead, and Ser Isolde is trapped in a strange land with no way home. Duty and honour drive her to complete Reynard's quest beneath the sands. But Setesh is nothing like her mystical realm of Avalon, and Ser Isolde will have to befriend another if she is to survive. Isolde just never expected it to be an orc.
Pledged to the service of the Radiant Lord, Orc Priest Tulok is assigned the duty of aiding this foreign knight to see her quest to its bitter end. For there are more dangers in these sands than scorpions and blistering heat. Not only will the unlikely pair have to overcome the fierce wilds of Setesh and their own differences, but the dangerous Divine of the world of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have taken a vested interest in the knight and her orc companion. 
Welcome to Sanctum.
Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, Sanctum: Sands of Setesh is the beginning of a powerful new fantasy series perfect for fans of adventure and epic quests. Enter a world filled with myths and nightmares, humans and orcs, dwarf and fae, where cultures clash and apocalypse looms.

"Rivals anything I have read in all of 2020. Sands of Setesh will give fans of the fantasy genre a new way of looking at their favorite genre. This quest is one more about the characters and less about violence and bloodshed. ★★★★★" - Literary Titan

"Mind-blowing,post-apocalyptic fantasy. ★★★★★"- Presswire
"Fantasy must have! ★★★★★" - Emily Akay

This book had me hooked right from the beginning. The writing and storylines are amazing. I can't wait to see how it continues in the next volume. ★★★★★" - Amazon
It's one of those timeless fantasies, like Lord of The Rings, in which you simply want to lose yourself. ★★★★★" - Amazon

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