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Use These Powerful Weight Loss Recipes to Immediately Eliminate Disorders Today! Dear reader! I am really glad you have decided to buy my book “Paleo for kids” and thankful that you entrust your kids’ nourishment to me. Paleo is not only a style of cooking, but also a way of life and a key to enjoy your everyday meal. Many parents face difficulties with making their children eat healthy food as for them healthy and tasty are the opposites. With this book you will be able to cook meals even for the most capricious eater. The recipes are divided into several sections such as breakfast, desserts and snacks but they are all interchangeable so this book represents a wide range of recipes from the easiest and quickest to the most exciting and unusual. You always can find something pleasant to make your everyday meal special and nutritious for your kids. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll learn.... Breakfast Recipes Lunch Recipes Dinner Recipes Snack Recipes Paleo Desserts Paleo Salads And Much, Much More!
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