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Colette has one chance to save everything she loves, and she’s made a deal with the devil to do it...She has a year to train to be a fighter instead of a fisherwoman, and learn how to defeat the local overlord whose raiders destroyed her home. If she fails, the life of her best friend, Grancis—and her freedom—are forfeit to said overlord. And she has no plans to join his harem any time soon.But signing onto the eldritch crew of the MS Nocturna to train proves more than the two friends bargained for. The Captain, its mysterious leader, knows far more than he lets on about their situation, and sailing with pirates of another dimension may be more terrifying than facing any of the monsters back home…Episodes:Book 1 – The Witching Book: Colette is disappointed with the Captain’s first assignment for her. Steal a book? But it’s not just any book she has to procure. It houses the soul of a dangerous, millenia-old witch in it, and she has to fetch it from a swamp infested with reptilian monsters who aren’t too keen on letting her take it…Book 2 – The Mist Hour: When a vagrant kidnaps her friend Grancis, Colette has to convince the Captain and his cook, the giant human-like lobster Boris, to help rescue her. The mission takes them to an island fraught with conflict, where two dueling houses of sorcery are fighting a deadly civil war.Book 3 – The Sunken Breath: Colette’s strange dreams are anything but harmless. A parasite has infiltrated the Nocturna, and Colette must destroy an evil doppelganger before it takes her place and has the rest of the crew at its mercy.Book 4 – The Record of Ambition: Colette’s quest for revenge began with a devastating raid on her home and a foolish assault on the overlord who instigated it. She makes a wager to win Grancis’s freedom: if she can best him in combat within year’s time, both she and Grancis will go free. If she fails, she has to marry him. That’s not going to happen if Colette has anything to say about it, even if he is stupid hot.Book 5 – The Black Eye: The beautiful Mayor of Port Wreckwind invites the Captain to a grand social event. It’s obviously a trap, but the Captain wants to use this opportunity to wrest control of the port from the Mayor for good. Meanwhile, the power of an eldritch force called “The Black Eye” entices Colette with the promise of unrivaled power… if she’s willing to sacrifice something she cannot replace…Behold, the greatest deal on the Eversea: This "season one set" contains episodes 1-5, numbering a massive 170,000+ words of thrilling, hilarious, mostly-just-horrifying eldritch mania and adventure.For fans looking for a loving spin on the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, Nocturna League is an adventure sure to remind that anyone can find a reason to laugh when they're having their internal organs feasted on by fish men.
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