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If you feel that something inside you is wrong, but you are unable to define this feeling exactly, you are scared by the judgment of others and always too self-critical of yourself, almost certainly the cause is your mother's narcissistic behavior. It is always difficult for a daughter to recognize that her mother has loved herself more than her own creature. Unfortunately this happens much more often than you think and the consequences can be serious and unravel over the long term to affect your children in the same way. Narcissistic behaviors are among the most subtle imaginable. It takes a long time to recognize them and this happens when it is too late to eliminate their effects, if you do not act in depth on your vision of yourself. Narcissists manifest themselves in many different ways, depending on the type of attitude and the severity of their problem. Another reason that makes them nearly invisible to others is that they themselves, while deeply unhappy, are unaware of their problem. Those who, like a daughter, have suffered for years the destructive attitude of a narcissistic mother may not know this and only see the evil effects on their own life. In the worst cases, she risks repeating the same pattern with her children, completely unconsciously. Years of experience in psychotherapy of the female personality have allowed the authors to create this complete guide, which will allow you to: Undoubtedly recognize if you have been the victim of a narcissistic mother Recognize what kind of narcissism you have been subjected to and with what severity Detach yourself from the negative effects that you carry with yourself, through a deep analysis of awareness of your own condition as a victim Understanding how to manage the relationship with a narcissistic mother from now on, in full awareness and without falling back into the abyss. Most important of all, how to break the vicious cycle and immediately stop any narcissistic behavior you may be unknowingly engaging in towards your children. If you have even the slightest doubt that your mother was narcissistic, you absolutely cannot risk not knowing. With a simple click you can immediately buy this manual and dissolve any bond with a past that you do not deserve.
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