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Maternal Might by Sanhita Mukherjee


Poor, frail Fatima in Bangladesh was desperate to earn bread for her daughters. Her daughters had already learnt to digest hunger. They mustered the patience to see if they would get some food.
Business owners Joshua and Abel, from Israel, set their mind to start their family. One of them relocated his business to the other’s city. One of them was ready to risk a physical makeover to become parents.
Can these parents cater to their respective needs?
Maternal Might is a story of a woman's journey from poverty to prosperity. Also, it is a story about fathers building up a family.
Maternal Might is the story of real union which seems impossible from a traditional viewpoint.
Maternal Might is an extraordinary story of women empowerment and human actualization.
It depicts how humanity can reach the pinnacle of harmony by means of modern technologies and visionary initiative.
If you like the stories of hitherto frail women transforming themselves into packs of possibilities and power, then you would love short read romantic literary fiction Maternal Might.
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