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From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson..comes this wonderful Spring Mail Order Bride Story... Amelia Baxter loves her father dearly, but can no longer live under the same roof as her cruel and conniving stepmother. Therefore, she has eagerly accepted Simon’s proposal of marriage—even though she has known him only a few weeks. Simon has traveled west to the town of Glory, California to establish himself, and has finally sent for Amelia to join him. And so, with a hopeful heart, she makes the long trip alone to start her new life. But fate has another plan for Amelia, and when she arrives in Glory, she is met with terrible news. Simon has been killed, and she has nowhere to go. Desperate and unwilling to return home, Amelia soon finds herself married instead to Daniel Harris, a man she barely knows. Though Daniel seems like he wants a maid and companion for his aunt more than a wife, Amelia is determined to make the best of things. But can she find a way to open Daniel’s heart to her, or is she destined for a marriage without love?
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