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You don’t need to go back into the office to be a successful team leader! Remote work provides the ultimate solution to the elusive work life balance. What started as a brief two-week quarantine has turned into a year-long pandemic that has changed how we work and communicate forever. Remote work has become a crucial part of every business that wants to survive in this ever-changing reality. In the midst of a labor shortage, employees are demanding more flexibility. #1 on their list is remote work flexibility. And it’s up to the leaders to make working from home work for everyone involved. Those who manage to adapt will thrive; those who struggle will be left behind. The choice is simple. “Leading Remote Teams” is The Ultimate Virtual Leadership Guide For Successfully Leading Virtual Teams! New team leaders, “newly remote” managers, and leaders of organizations shifting to a largely remote work paradigm: You can apply the simple and effective techniques in this book immediately to improve your remote team culture. Perfect for leaders transitioning from in office to working remotely, newly appointed managers who want to start out focusing on the most important details of managing a team, or someone looking to make a career change that enables maximum lifestyle flexibility—this concise, easy-to-read, and actionable guide provides clear takeaways in every chapter. Overcome the disconnection, uncertainty, and frustration that so frequently bogs remote teams down. Here’s what you’ll discover in Leading Remote Teams: ✓ Learn Why Remote Leadership Matters During These Times Of Uncertainty ✓ Discover The Hidden Advantages To Remote Work ✓ Understand How To Build Trust In A Digital Environment ✓ Reconnect Your Virtual Team And Keep Everyone Focused On Your Goals ✓ Implement Proven Tactics For Delivering Results In A Remote Environment ✓ Communicate Better And Hold Meetings With A Purpose ✓ Avoid Common Remote Management Mistakes And Prepare Your Team For The Future Adjusting to the new virtual work framework is the key to unlocking your team's full potential and avoiding common pitfalls. Alexis Gerst, the author of this game-changing remote team management guide, has left no stone unturned in leading effective virtual teams. By the end of this eye-opening remote work leadership guide, you will be able to inspire, motivate, and keep your high-performing team running like a well-oiled machine. Packed with practical tips for managers - including email communication tips and virtual meeting tips - this easy-to-follow virtual management book will allow you to face all future challenges with confidence. If you enjoyed the principles in Deep Work by Cal Newport, The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, or The One Thing by Gary Keller, then Leading Remote Teams is the desktop manual you need to make remote teams even more effective than in-person teams. The Remote Revolution Has Started - Are You Ready? Scroll Up, Click "Buy Now," And Invest In Your Remote Leadership Skills Today!
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