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Isabella was my best friend’s sister-- forbidden. But someone forgot to tell her the rules. I was a billionaire, rich, handsome and powerful with women panting after me…but the only woman I wanted was untouchable. I promised her brother I would NEVER break the Bro code. She was my neighbour, my PLATONIC best friend and totally off-limits. When her brother moved back in after his divorce, everything changed. Our friendship was making her brother suspicious. I forced myself to move on and find another girl, any girl, or at least make all my friends THINK I had another girl Suddenly, Isabella jealous-- This wasn’t platonic at all. We could never work.. I could get my happily ever after, or ruin everything. Meet the characters in book #1 of The Sterling Place Series! This friend’s to lovers romance will keep you turning the pages to see an epic story of fate! No cheating or cliffhangers, and of course, a HEA!
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