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Be warned: this might just encourage you to actually start building that dream home of yours… Are you ready to get building but still find yourself feeling like something’s missing? You’ve been dreaming of building your own home for years now, but somehow it just doesn’t seem like you’re fully prepared… Maybe you’re a bit worried about the cost, or how everything will actually go once you get started? These are completely reasonable concerns to have, and it makes total sense that you have a bit of hesitation with this whole project. Building your own home is a sizable task and, of course, when it’s been your dream for so long, you want things to be right. But this doesn't have to leave you frozen in your tracks. Building a house is just like any other great journey -- it unfolds one beautiful (and sometimes tiny) step at a time. The good news is that what this path of tiny steps looks like is very clear and straightforward. Finally, a specific and detailed guide to help you maneuver these first steps and get your land ready for the build is here! Just because you haven’t done this before doesn't mean others haven’t -- and it’s completely okay to seek some help from time to time! With a little guidance in the right direction, you’ll surely be able to conquer the rest without a sweat. A bit of structure and larger financial awareness is just an added bonus! In Building My Own House, you’ll discover: Everything you need to know about utilizing your unique skill set and becoming your own general contractor A detailed look at the very first steps to take when building your own home -- focus on what’s directly in front of you without getting lost in the noise The best way to nail down a loan so it doesn't end up costing you a fortune How to properly balance your finances and budgeting like a boss, saving you even more money in the long run An overview of all the details that will need to be in order to ensure your land is completely ready for building How to find the best sub-contractors for when you do need help -- and what you can expect to be paying them Insider tips and tricks for making the most of your relationships with your suppliers so you can, again, save some money! … and much more! You’re ready, and you have been ready for a while now. You (and you alone) have to decide: Are you going to make your dream become a reality, or will you just continue to sit there and daydream instead? The path has never been more clear. What are you waiting for? Uncover the most detailed and helpful strategies for taking the first steps towards building your dream home from scratch
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