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Hot Flush by S S

The courses to true love never runs smoothly… and certainly not for Betty. She loves Tom. Tom blatantly doesn’t feel the same and he’s good at showing it, in a pretty mean way. Betty wants to get down and dirty with the chef but he’s holding back. This lady is resilient and even though he treats her bad, she won’t give up. And she thinks her hot flushes are down to unrequited lust but the reality is she’s going through the early stages of menopause… aged thirty two. Blindly, she follows her heart and frisky feelings towards her sister’s girlfriend’s brother. Tied by family connections, Betty thinks this means they are meant to be together. Even her Grandpa Mo and doting six year old niece, Tilly, can see she’s going to get burnt. How can she make the man she’s been in love with for eight years fall in love with her? Is it possible to convince him, as well as her embarrassed family, her feelings are real? And who will help her open her own restaurant, specialising in spicy food, so she can prove she’s more than just a kitchen hand? A funny sexy story about family, food and plenty of hot flushes.
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