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*previously titled The Ranger's HeartA woman threatened. A man willing to endure a reality dating show to uncover the culprit.YouTube baking sensation Sophia Parker is slated to be the next bachelorette on Celebrity Proposal. But someone will stop at nothing to prevent the show from airing. Threatening letters. Cryptic messages. While the added notoriety has increased Sophia’s popularity and boosted subscriber numbers, it’s wreaking havoc on her nerves. To protect their bachelorette the network has hired undercover security—unbeknownst to Sophia.His reputation as Guardian Group’s resident ladies’ man aside, going undercover as a bachelor on reality TV sounds miserable to Thomas Gun. He has no interest in dating but will play the part required of him. Yet what he thought would be a cakewalk case takes a dark turn when the threats against Sophia become far more sinister.At first, he’s battling a growing affection for her. Now, he’s praying they both make it out alive…
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