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Research from the U.S. Census Bureau, Minnesota Psychological Association, and the National Center of Fathering convey the overwhelming facts. Those who grow up without their fathers are more likely to face one or several adverse outcomes resulting from on or more of the following: perceived abandonment, attachment issues, child abuse, mental health issues, poor school performance, substance use, poverty, lack of purpose, loss of identity, criminal justice involvement, gang involvement, and homelessness. Fatherlessness today is a social epidemic, one that the author is acquainted with. In this book, Ish’mael shifts the focus from the facts to the people. He uses his story as a sounding board. Then, he uses his growth journey as a platform to unpack transformational thoughts, ideas, mindsets, and frameworks to help others facing fatherless challenges overcome some of the challenges they face. While most boys and men are likely to face numerous life challenges because of the lack of father power, an intentional journey of growth and transformation can veto any background. To help normalize the struggles and alleviate the pain, the author synthesizes his understandings into two simple models which he personally uses to engage in spiritual, mental, relational, financial, and physical transformation. He believes it will help boys and men elevate themselves if they are not already on that path. We are born looking like our fathers, he learned but, we will die looking like our decisions. This book will equip boys and men with insights and resources to overcome the struggles of growing up with your father or father power.
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