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Finding Warrior Pose by Priya Doty

Jaya Gupta is having a bad week. Her dating prospects have fizzled, she has just lost her job, and her traditional Indian-American family expects her to get married. When her grandmother uncovers the deed to a long-lost plot of land in India, now the home of a world-famous yoga ashram, Jaya is intrigued. Sent on a six-month holiday to learn yoga, Jaya is pulled into a new global travel backpacking scene. She falls for Josh, a fellow traveler, and meets the all-powerful Panditji, the head yoga master. But when she stumbles upon Panditji’s long-hidden secret on the night of the Shiva Moon Festival, everything changes. With Josh at her side, she sets off on a freewheeling, romantic adventure to find the mysterious source of an ancient secret. In a race against time itself, can Jaya find the inner strength to reach a higher level?
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