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The demise of a popular author, a hotel on lockdown, and no killer in sight… The world-famous fantasy convention ArcadiaCon is bustling with activity, and Jasmine is overjoyed to take a break from her work and dive into the fun and excitement with her faithful dog Luffy and fantasy enthusiast Brandon. But when a fantasy panelist turns up dead, his grisly murder re-enacted from a scene in one of his novels, Jasmine, Brandon, and Luffy are catapulted into a chilling investigation that will quickly prove to be their most challenging case yet. With the convention spiralling into chaos and the hotel on strict lockdown, they’ll have to race against the clock if they want to unpick the puzzle and unmask the sinister culprit. Struggling to wrangle together their suspects and with no clear motive in sight, Jasmine must use all of her sleuthing skills to think outside the box and find out who would want to kill one of the world’s most popular authors. Rival writers, obsessive fans, and personal enemies are only a few of the possible theories – and if she doesn’t act fast, the killer could slip away… or worse, strike again. Will Jasmine succeed in cracking her toughest ever case? Or has this cunning killer finally managed to outwit her?
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