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Pendragon is dead, and now Abel is thrust into the position of a true sorcerer, ruler of a demesne! It would help if he had any idea what that meant, apart from apparently having the power of life and death over the thousands of unsuspecting non-magicals living there. It's time for Abel to come clean, and tell the Tavern just who he is, and what his blood link means. The sorcerous and church communities know the Master of Castle House has claimed a demesne, now they want to find out more. Abel and his friends just want to get through the exams at school and market their new board game, Bonny's Tavern. As news of the game, and its possible effect, spreads across the UK, powerful foes move to stop them. Helping all those partially-aware teenagers threatens to upset a balance of power that has held since The Accord. When sorcerers strike back, the Taverners find that even Ferryl Shayde is outmatched, and need a new game plan. A few friendly faces and some fast talking isn't enough. The confrontation leads to Abel facing a hundred sorcerers and sorceresses, including some of the most powerful in the UK. Beneath the streets of Oxford, the Storm meets the Steel to decide the future of the Tavern, and possibly the magical future of the country!
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