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I felt like the world ended when my spouse passed away…Are you overwhelmed with sadness since losing your loved one? Or do you want to help a grieving friend frozen in their sorrow?The death of a loved one rocks the foundation of your faith. You begin to question God's love and power. You find it hard to attend church services because you feel so different. And reading your bible or praying feels impossible.A Simple Plan for GrievingIs it possible to get past the tears and experience happiness again after your spouse’s death? Yes, friend, it is.You can move forward and find purpose in your life using a simple but powerful plan that has helped many heal from their grief. Grief work is hard, but you can avoid getting stuck and struggling with doubts by using the GROW plan.The author had served as a pastor and missionary for over 30 years but losing his wife turned his world upside down and he feared sadness would always fill his life. He shares vulnerably how he struggled with depression but then found comfort in his grief journey. In this actionable book, you will discover…A powerful prayer that will help you reconnect with GodA biblical understanding of death and heavenSolid hope that God comforts those who mournA simple plan to guide you through your journeyHonest. Transparent. Life-Changing. This book is perfect for widows and widowers. Death is a Liar will help you will find the hope you need to feel good about living again.CLICK the “Buy Now” button to download a powerful plan that will give you new direction in your grief journey
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