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Cute But Crazy : Quirky Careers by Susan Jean Ricci

QUIRKY CAREERS? You bet! Follow the Fun with NEW Romantic Comedies! There’s humor in everything, even that economic obligation called a career! What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever heard of? An ostrich groomer? A Lego inspector? A toothpick tester? How about a barroom Santa, exotic dancer, or a woman who repairs chain saws and lawn mowers? Some of your favorite Romantic Comedy authors are returning with NEW stories to take the edge off the hassles of the day and life in general. The Word Wranglers of the Wacky, Wonderful Women, Ditzy Dudes, and Unique and Unpredictable CUTE BUT CRAZY box set collections have taken on another topic: Quirky Careers. Loads of laughs as our authors follow behind hapless men and women as they tangle with weather, obstacles, and each other while trying to maintain a good work ethic and not fall in love. Susan Jean Ricci – Just Horsing Around: NEW! Horse ranchers turned sleuths, Joshua and Bella endeavor to purge an unsavory character who’s destroying their precious neighboring wetlands – and confront falling love in the process. Dani Haviland – The Purebred and the Mutt: NEW! Cultures clash when a British celebrity and a proud but poor American wind up under the same roof in Forever, Montana. Mona Risk – Delightfully Serious Plans: NEW! A jack of all trades fights discrimination to win the heart of the lady lawyer who dreams of cruising the world with him. Susanne Matthews – Emerald Glow: NEW! She’s given up on finding the right man. After a painful divorce, he’s sworn off women. A new job is what they both need to get their lives in order. But you don’t always get what you want, especially when a typo can spell disaster. Aileen Fish – That Dream Girl: NEW! She’s supposed to be an authority on dreams, but he’s breaking all the rules. Rachelle Ayala – Santa on Strike: NEW! Bette’s bar is on the ropes when her biggest attraction, the barroom Santa, goes on strike a few days before Christmas. Denise Devine – Merry Christmas, Darling: A desperate bachelor enlists his neighbor to pose as his wife to appease his dying mother and unexpectedly finds love under the mistletoe.
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