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Before we were introduced to their doctrine we had our own. Taught to us by the Priestesses who represented power was our history and some understood the assignment. They studied the moon...Shaniece Haynes always wondered what was on the other side of the religion that was forced upon her as a child.When tragedy strikes close to home at an early age she takes on a mute disposition and will not speak after witnessing the death of her cousin.One night after going to what was supposed to be a hotel party she meets an intriguing man on an elevator, Lam, who was with a woman she assumes is his partner but finds out otherwise after he pursues her. She takes up with the young man who has a disturbing background.There was just something about the overhead mirror on the elevator that lured her in. Eventually she will find out exactly how magnetic an attraction can get and fight for possession of her soul.Mind's Eye PresentsCurious Attraction Book OneLove and Magic Sideshow Attraction Sneak Peek Included
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