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A #1 Amazon Best Seller in Zen Buddhism! -- The idea is simple: everyday items and situations as sources of Zen insight. From a junk drawer to a butterfly. From Ginger Rogers to Colonel Mustard. We’re surrounded by items and situations which teach Zen—if we just take the time to see.

Zen is a perfect antidote to the noise and untruths of daily life. Yet for many people, Zen is something that requires rigorous study, years of solitary meditation, dressing in odd garb, and quoting Buddha. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyday life is Zen. You are the only real Zen master you’ll ever need. 

Zen is everywhere and Zen is everyone—even the greeter at Walmart. In this book, everyday items and occurrences combine with impressionistic takes on classic Zen stories to "point at the moon" -- to help you garner a bit more insight into your Zen.

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