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I’ve always been the hunter. Now, I’m the hunted. The dead have returned. I never thought I’d see them again… But they aren’t here to help. Moll has evoked the Great Horned God—the Wild Hunt has begun…  I only have one option: run, and hope I can outlast the duration of the hunt.  My best chance? To go back to where it all started. We have to return to Exeter… I don’t want to go to the Order for help, but if they think some some pagan god is coming to town, bringing Moll with him, they’ll have to get involved. If there’s anyone they hate more than me, it’s Moll…  Of course, that means I’ll have to deal with them, too.  How does the saying go? The enemy of my enemy is… Well, that’s a bunch of crap. They’re still my enemy. And now they’re closing in on me from all sides.  Bloody Gods is the fifth book in Theophilus Monroe's Legacy of a Vampire Witch series. These vampires don’t sparkle. Monroe's Mercy Brown is a ruthless, badass, snarky anti-hero straight out of your worst nightmares. But you will want to root for her nonetheless!
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