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THREE SCARY CRIME THRILLERS FULL OF NAIL-BITING SUSPENSE Travel to a creepy, atmospheric world of banged-up utes, venomous locals and pitch-black agendas in this box set of three best-selling Australian novels. Don’t read these books if you are not up for a fright! BACKWOODS RIPPER Where do you go when you have nowhere to turn? Paige and her husband are stranded in the sticks. He is injured, she is pregnant. They have no choice but to seek help from a strange woman who lives in an abandoned hospital. When they realise the woman has no intention of helping them, how far will Paige have to go to protect her unborn child? RETRIBUTION RIDGE Who can you trust, if not your own sister? Milly thinks that her sister’s invitation to go hiking is a chance to heal old wounds. Think again, Milly. What greets her in the wilderness is far more than the humiliation her sister has prepared. It is a confrontation with her past, and her worst fears. UNWELCOME GUESTS Would you trust your husband or the man he wants to kill? Caitlin is looking to build bridges with her husband after the loss of their baby. Unfortunately, their holiday getaway turns into a nightmare when they find a man held hostage in the cellar. When the house owner turns up, armed and dangerous, Caitlin will have to quickly decide whom she should trust. BACKWOODS THRILLERS is comprised of the first three novels by Anna Willett. She is a master at creating tense, suspenseful stories that keep you turning the page. If you like value, you'll be pleased to hear that the next three novels by Anna Willett are also available in a box set, titled SINISTER CRIMES, also exclusive to Kindle.
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