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Danger rises from the grave in this thrilling tale of twists and turns, magic and murder.   As an agent for the Independent Necromancers’ Bureau, Cassie spends most of her nights releasing trapped spirits, banishing the undead, and hunting rogue necromancers. But nothing could have prepared her for what she found tonight. He had been her friend and mentor. Someone who saw her power and knew how to guide her future. Now, he’s gone. Delivered a fate worse than murder. Someone had severed his soul. With no way to communicate with her late friend, Cassie’s got her work cut out for her. There are dark forces at play. And what Cassie discovers, chills her to the bone. But she’s a strong woman with immense power, great friends, and a cat. She’s determined to solve his murder, and not even the dead can stop her. A Grave Death is the first book in the Independent Necromancer’s Bureau. If you like thrilling fantasy, page-turning action, and kick-ass heroines with plenty of snark, then you'll love Victoria DeLuis' paranormal mystery. Buy A Grave Death and bring life to your kindle today!
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