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Embark on a journey of weight loss and detox in a most delicious way. How many times have you tried to change your diet to lose weight, or just to adopt a healthier lifestyle? How many crash diets have you tried - with huge cut-offs from entire food segments? I’d like to invite you on a much tastier and cheery adventure – that of delicious and healthy smoothies. Start making nutrient-dense smoothies carefully selected in this book - where you will get delicious smoothie recipes that will help improve your metabolism and keep your energy high. You will learn what role detoxification plays in weight loss and how you can make detox smoothies at home. Hey – no deprivation needed. You will make a perfect blend with such fruits as bananas, pineapples, mango, strawberries, and blueberries, and many more other tasty ingredients. This book is offering an easy weight loss guide including: 85 yummy smoothie recipes that will be helpful for your weight loss, detox, and overall wellbeing. Tips and tricks you can use when you are not having the ideal smoothie day A set of basic and easy exercises that combined with your smoothie drinking habit will form a synergy and a lasting and sustainable result A kick-start 5 days’ program that will guide your first steps and will form a healthy habit, including meal plans, shopping lists, and a weight loss exercise program. Combine this smoothie diet with daily exercises, and you will reach your goals much faster. In no time you will develop a routine and will pursue your fitness goals naturally and effortlessly. You will fall in love with your new yourself: You will become focused, habitual in your efforts, and mindful of your body. Form a healthy routine that will change your overall well-being, Will consolidate habits through which you will stay feet, gain a better sleep, detox your body and increase your energy levels. So, hop on this journey with me and learn some amazing tips and tricks of weight loss and fat body through a great smoothie.
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