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Living a Life of Generosity: 21 Days of Generosity Challenge * Do you want to live a life of generosity? * Do you want your life to be a blessing to others? * Do you want to have a giving spirit that overflows from a heart that is fully trusting in God as provider? If so, consider embarking on this 21 Days of Generosity through this short but powerful eBook. What to Expect On Each Day of the Challenge: 1) Read the author's personal stories, struggles and reflections. 2) Read at least one scripture and one quote about generosity. 3) Apply one or more personal application steps. Over the course of these next 21 days, it is my hope to grow deeper as I’m challenged to be more generous with my money, time, talents and, finally, my love for God and others. It is a chance to allow the Lord to sharpen my “generosity senses” and be more tuned into His frequency. Will You Join Me? What about you? Will you consider joining me in this 21 Days of Generosity Challenge? Are you ready to allow God to fully use your time, talents and financial resources? If so, scroll up and click "buy" to start your own 21 Days of Generosity Challenge!
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