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Grief can make us do crazy things... ...Like magic at 40. It was just research, my obsession with magic, my occult collection, the grimoire I sometimes feared opening. Until my dad died and I wanted him back.  Now I can't help but wonder, what if I used the grimoire for more than stories? What if I cast a spell? What if I raised my father from the dead? Because I wasn't ready to let him go. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. But all magic comes with a cost, and I'd just written a check I couldn't cash. Especially when a collector with fangs shows up at my door and opens up the whole supernatural world with one knock. If I don't answer, this will all be in vain. But if I do, what awaits me on the other side might be a fate worse than's and mine. Zero Hour is the prequel to Once Bitten. Don't miss out. The Order of the Dragon series is best enjoyed when read in reading order. 1. Zero Hour 2. Once Bitten 3. Twice as High 4. Three Little Words"
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