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Lucifer’s General has set his sights on her. How will she survive? As an introvert and talented athlete, Sophie just wants to get through high school without drawing attention to herself. But her plans for a normal life are shattered when an Angel reveals she's not human, but a Viator with incredible powers. Her powers have matured, but she must learn to use them quickly because Lucifer's General, Damian, and his army of evil Malum are after her. Sophie's biggest challenge used to be resisting bullies, but now she must use her angel-like magic to combat demons and rescue fellow Viatores. With Damian targeting all Viatores, Sophie holds the key to freeing them. But in order to succeed, she must learn to ask for help and have faith in herself. If she can defeat Damian, she may also uncover the mystery surrounding her parents' disappearance. Don't miss this thrilling young adult urban fantasy, where Demons and Angels clash, teens discover magic, and found family is everything. Readers will love following Sophie's journey as she fights to save the world from evil, one Demon at a time.
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