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Sheriff Colby Tate's Granny Durbin always said bad news comes in threes. When the wire mesh house of the town's eccentric squirrel whisperer, Fits Loony, is destroyed by zealots, Tate holds his breath, awaiting calamities Two and Three. But nothing can prepare him for how dramatically the other two disasters will change his life and the life of those in quiet Crayton, Missouri. The attack on Fits' cage home, a wrongful death lawsuit, and the mysterious disappearance of two local teens during a school trip to Scotland draw Tate into the murky world of the dark web, secret erotic rituals, and deadly cults. And they bring answers to a mysterious prophecy by the Webber Sisters, the Old Women of the Mountain, who read the tea leaves in their backwoods retreat in the Ozarks hills. Fans of the "Outlander" series will love "Three Degrees of Death," a suspenseful, page-turner that culminates in the rugged moors of the Scottish Highlands.
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