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Bobby B is given a choice: death or the Army. His choice leads him to become a Timer – a group of soldiers so disposable that only about 10% survive a ten year tour. Because the corporations that run society value property more than life, they don’t even give them real bullets. Timers are only issued plastic flechettes so they don’t damage precious buildings and equipment. Bobby and a few other Timers join together to make their own squad, Beebi’s Basteds, which does things their own unorthodox way but still manages to keep them alive. As the missions get harder, so do the men. They work their way up the military ranks faster than ever – giving their elite squad extra attention – good and bad. As they gear up for their biggest mission yet, none of the Basteds could imagine where their squad would end up – space. A military science-fiction thriller that will keep you glued to the pages. Breach of Contract – The Shattered Stars is only book one in a riveting new series by accomplished author Vance Huxley.
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