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The Shadow After Sunset by Aaron Baker

"I guess it was arrogant to think myself so much smarter than the people of the past, that observable reality is all there is. That's a lot easier to handle. Now the bliss of ignorance is gone." Travis and Alyssa Barnes are a typical suburban couple, trying to find happiness in the life they've created for themselves. However, recent events, coupled with their unwillingness to face the ugly truth of their relationship, has driven a deep divide into their idyllic marriage. When they come into the possession of a mysterious mask, their world is flung into a whole new level of turmoil. The secrets hidden behind the mask, as well as the ghostly figure tied to it, send the couple into a spiral of the unknown. Recorded through their personal journals, follow Alyssa and Travis on their terrifying fight to save their relationship and their reality as both begin the quick descent into madness.
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