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Seize the day without delay. Logan Hawkins is here to help you to conquer postponement and start getting things done. With this definitive efficiency guide, you can beat the habit of procrastination now. Nothing is worse than squandered potential, so be your best self today. The Self Discipline series will overcome mental barriers and boost your levels of motivation, learn from the guiding principles of stoicism and build lifelong habits to change your life in fundamental ways. Inside you will discover: VOL. I How to both boost and maintain your levels of motivation with ease . . . A structured blueprint to guide you through the process of setting goals . . . How to build your self-esteem and overcome mental barriers . . . The top 8 reasons for lack of discipline (followed by solutions) . . . VOL II A 7-day blueprint that lays out the tenets of stoicism . . . How to understand yourself and harmonize by way of reflection . . . How to build up inner strength and draw upon reserves of will . . . How to adapt to circumstances, always staying in charge . . . VOL. III SMART goal settings—what they are and why they’re so important . . . Common task-completion pitfalls and how to avoid them with ease . . . How to turn goals into lifelong habits . . . How to maintain your motivation levels . . . AND MORE! Calibrate your greatest tool, and face the world prepared for triumph. All you ever dreamt of IS in reach . . . with the right mindset. Get it now.
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