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Four chilling true crime stories in one collection Bestselling true crime author, Ryan Green, has complied four fascinating stories in one collection. Volume five contains some of Green’s most intriguing accounts of violence, abuse, deception and murder. Within this collection, you'll receive: No Place for the Weak: A True Story of Deviance, Torture, and Social Cleansing In 1999, South Australian Police found six barrels within the abandoned bank vault, each filled with acid and the remains of eight people. The nation’s shock deepened when it was revealed that the murders were committed by not one, but a group of killers. They targeted paedophiles, homosexuals or the ‘weak’ in an attempt to cleanse society. Doctor Satan: A Despicable True Story of Hope, Exploitation, Greed and Murder In 1944, French Police were called to investigate a vile-smelling smoke pouring out from a Parisian home. Inside, they found a factory line of bodies and multiple furnaces stocked with human remains. This was more than mere murder. As the investigation unfolded, a more sinister reality emerged that would shock the Nazi-occupied nation to its core. The Beast: A Chilling True Story of a Psychopathic Child Killer From the age of 17, Clifford Olson spent only 1,501 days outside of prison. If his claims are true, he averaged about one murder every 10 days. During imprisonment, he was assessed on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, a tool designed to evaluate psychopathy. The standard threshold is 25-30. He scored a 38 out of 40, the highest rating ever recorded. Crimson Petticoats: The Betrayal, Brutality and Bloodshed behind the French Maid Massacres Police in rural France are baffled by a monstrous figure who has been brutally deceiving and robbing maids. One woman is dead, but the mountains of bloodied clothing discovered in a secluded woodside home hint at the true extent of the horror. Will the suspect’s wife expose his dark secret, or is she inextricably linked to the atrocities? The Ryan Green True Crime Collection contains chilling accounts of some of the most brutal and bizarre true crime stories in history. Green’s riveting narrative draws the reader into the real-life horror experienced by the victims and has all the elements of a classic thriller. CAUTION: THIS BOOK CONTAINS DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNTS OF ABUSE AND VIOLENCE. IF YOU ARE ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE TO THIS MATERIAL, IT MIGHT BE ADVISABLE NOT TO READ ANY FURTHER
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