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"Interesting must-read because the subject is relevant and will guide many parents in dealing with their children and helping to develop their emotional intelligence so that they grow up to become successful individuals." --5 Stars, Readers' Favorite This collection is here to equip you with all you need to make parenting much easier, and keep you sane throughout! Once you begin to understand your children, you can focus on what’s important instead of second-guessing. And that is spending time with them. The Mindful Child series will help you identify low emotional intelligence and manage it, make the potty transition a breeze and offer solutions for children with ADHD. Inside you will discover: VOL. I The key to understanding children that struggle with low EQ How to measure emotional quotients How to identify indicators The 5-step system to build rapport with children across the board The biggest behavioral problems and how to manage them correctly The benefits of increasing communication VOL II Common myths and misconceptions parents MUST be aware of Developmental theories and their bathroom applications Preparations and coaching tips to keep your child engaged How to overcome the biggest hurdles VOL. III The comprehensive signs and symptoms for which to watch Techniques by which to circumvent both arguments and accidents Tips on reading with ADHD How to improve the power of speech Ways to effectively deal with tantrums Dieting guidelines and natural cures Smoke and mirrors—the myriad of myths surrounding ADHD today A wealth of great activities to do at home AND MORE! Mutual understanding is the foundation of healthy, lifelong relationships. So, languish not for another day. It’s time to get to know your child and build a better rapport now!
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