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The Humor of Love by Ida Duque

Gabby and Ralph. Ralph and Gabby. They have been there, tried that, and they just don’t work. Then one night when Gabby is stranded with a flat tire, Ralph appears—her knight in a shining... Hawaiian shirt. Of all the roadsides in Miami... As Gabby and Ralph are pushed back into each other's worlds, they can’t resist the attraction that still crackles between them. But when Gabby blames Ralph for a career-destroying incident, she decides Gabby and Ralph are done—for good, this time. But is there more to the incident than she realized? Is Ralph her downfall... or her savior? This lighthearted novelette will have readers laughing and falling in love themselves while they root for the two mismatched love birds to finally come home to one another. (Note to readers: this is a "sweet with heat," second chance, romantic comedy. There's not graphic sex (but sex is implied) also, this short story contains swearing and general shenanigans)
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