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But Where Do You Get Your Protein...? If you have been plant-based or vegan for more than a week, you have likely heard this question. Maybe it's entertaining to you or frustrating to have people ask you this, in some ways, foolish question. I get my protein from food just like you. I get it the same way giant powerful herbivores get it. I get it from Tofu, legumes, isolates... So, we can agree most people believe you can only get protein from animal products, call it conditioning or ignorance. But this is likely to the fact many animal products are high in Protein. However, that doesn't mean plant-based foods are not. But of course, cutting out high-protein foods very well may mean it's harder to consume protein on a vegan diet. Well, it's harder until you educate yourself and build the new habits around eating that ensure you are hitting your protein targets. In this book, you will have 60 high protein recipes that can help you achieve this goal, not only that we have focused on the right macro profile to which it is realistic to eat these recipes and not mess with your stated calorie goal. With micronutrients also being important, we have focused on recipes having a healthier makeup to ensure you are fully fueled with all the right Minerals and Vitamins you will need. You will find meals, sauces, and snacks to fill your day for every meal, portable snacks perfect for your post-gym consumption. As well as a 7-day meal plan to see exactly what a week of eating may look like. Enjoy and next time someone asks you "Where do you get your Protein" come prepared and give them a full breakdown of the foods and recipes you use to smash through your health and fitness goals.
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